So I decided to create a new thread pertaining to fisheyes.. I have been looking hard for one that ISN'T the 300 dollar "baby death" because that's nearly as much as my HV30 was..

Here's what I came up with:
Raynox QC-303 27-37mm, 0.3x Semi Fisheye Snap-On Lens ($25.00 at B&H)

Raynox HD-3032PRO, 37mm, 0.3x, Semi-Fisheye ($104.95 at B&H)

For these two, the thing that bothers me is that they're labeled "semi-fisheye" and .3x is somewhat close to the Raynox DCR-730 Wide Angle which is 0.7X I have already ordered. If the difference will hardly be noticeable I'd rather just save my money..

However, I am looking for a cheap fish eye, vignetting is okay, I just don't want the quality to be screwed up too much. Mostly I'll be using it for Martial Arts demo reels and such..

For right now, though, I'm heavily considering the QC-303, it's really cheap, but it's still made by Raynox and has somewhat decent reviews.

Anyone have any suggestions or any other fisheyes you'd recommend with use of HV30?